Stop Them Before They Invent Again!

Are you so alienated from nature that you can’t tell when a piece of fruit is ripe? Don’t worry, there‘sa new line of packaging that changes color when the fruit has reached palatability. Are you too tired to measure out coffee and then too impatient to wait eight minutes while your automatic drip machine brews a fresh pot? Don’t worry, there‘sa new coffee container that allows you to heat a…

Salon's Balancing Act

Whether there is a subscription requirement or a Site Pass, there is still a wall around Salon’s content — and that means the blogosphere ignores it. Without this persistent cross-linking, relatively few read its words, and as history is being made — or Googled — every day, Salon’s footsteps in cyberspace become fainter and fainter. —Adam L. Pennenberg —Salon’s Balancing Act (Wired)