Shoot to Kill, Shoot to Thrill

What makes Ledonne think that a video game is the best way to try and deconstruct the tortured minds that led to Columbine? Gaming is essentially escapist entertainment and while there are plenty of violent games out there to help you get off, if that’s what gets you off, no one has ever confused a Sony console with a social laboratory. With all due respect, I think this is the…

Vandals strike student news

A front page article about the sexual assault appeared on the front page of this week‘sstudent newspaper, The Argonaut. The paper was distributed Thursday and sometime before Friday morning nearly 500 copies of the paper showed up with the article snipped out. The papers were apparently stolen, vandalized and returned to the display boxes, said Editor Emeritus Erik Oeverndiek. —Vandals strike student news (The [San Mateo County] Daily Journal)


Blog Overload

So I admit it. I got caught up in all the hype about blogs — about their potential for communication, for creating global connections, for expressing oneself, for extending face-to-face discussions, and for building community in online environments. In most cases, my initial excitement has not borne fruit. I don’t fault my students. I am the instructor. And given my background in pedagogy and education, I should be a good…

Your Web App as a Text Adventure

Quite bluntly, if your web application can’t easily be adapted as a classic text adventure, your application has serious problems on multiple levels. Applications that can’t be easily adapted likely suffer from application structure and design problems and UI dependency, to organizational politics and bad decisions. —Michael Buffington —Your Web App as a Text Adventure (ETech Emerging Technology Conference)