veQDuj'oH Dujllj'e' ("Your Ship is a Garbage Scow")

People. This is serious. Is nothing sacred? Matt will play the character of Mondain Minax, a cyber-space explorer and weirding weapons expert who lives more in VR than RL. Minax is a member of the crew of the alien Sontarans space vessel Zero Wing (veQDuj’oH Dujllj’e’) which acts as a foil to the Stargate Universe crew during episodes 3, 7, & 11.– Kairos News

Sisters 'make people happy'

Researchers quizzed 571 people aged 17 to 25 about their lives and found those who grew up with sisters were more likely to be happy and balanced.–BBC News Well, at least “Sisters appear to encourage more open communication and cohesion in families.” The words “make people happy” only appear in the headline. From another point of view, the researchers learned that brothers make people sad. Or rather, “Boys tend to…


Why numbers no longer win arguments

A number in the news is no longer a cold fact, it is a killer fact, with all the murderous zeal that word implies. Journalists everywhere know the meaning of the phrase, the dagger of detail that runs the opposition through: the 23% up! The £16m wasted! The 140,000 children! For an example, try 271. I have it on reliable authority that this is the percentage increase in the money…