John Lovas Memorial Academic Weblog Award — Computers and Writing 2009

Today, at the Computers and Writing conference, the Kairos editors presented Jerz’s Literacy Weblog with the John Lovas Memorial Academic Weblog Award. (I knew about it in advance, and was able to get funding to attend thanks to the CIT department at Seton HIll.)  Lovas was a dedicated teacher, an accomplished administrator, and a patient mentor. I’m honored to be associated with his tremendous achievements. From an announcement on the…

Sustainable Blogging: Problems and Promises for School, Work, and Play — Computers and Writing 2009

Chair. Gian Pagnucci, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Process-Blogging: A Sustainable Foray into Collaborative Writing Sabatino Mangini, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Jessica Schreyer, University of Dubuque Endings: The Problem of Sustained Blogging Steve Krause, Eastern Michigan University Keeping a Blog as Chair: Sustaining Public Discourse in a Private Job Gian Pagnucci, Indiana University of Pennsylvania What follows are my notes, lightly edited.  My own comments are in square brackets.


Textbook 2.0: Open Source Textbooks and Multimodal Composition Programs — Computers and Writing 2009

Chair. Bonnie Kyburz, Utah Valley State University Planning for Sustainability in Multimodal First-Year Composition Programs Michele Ninacs, Buffalo State College Fast, Free, and On the ‘Net: The Story of a Self-Published Textbook Steve Krause, Eastern Michigan University How College Textbook Publishers Will Thrive in Ubiquity. Or Die Trying. Nick Carbone, Bedford/St. Martin’s

Metaphoric Space, Cyberspace, and Work Space — Computers and Writing 2009

Chair Mikhail Gershovich, Barch College, CUNY Hacking Spaces: Place as Interface Danielle Nicole DeVoss, Michigan State University Douglass Walls, Michigan State University Scott Schopieray, Michigan State University Writing-a-go-go: Ubiquitous Computing and the Thirdspace of Workplace Writing Tina Bacci, University of Rhode Island The Examined Life–Cyberspace Style: The Construction of Space in the #philosophy IRC Undernet Community Kennie Rose, University of Louisville What follows are my rough notes, lightly edited. [My…

Ecotones and Crossroads: Re-imagining the Spaces of Learning in an In-between Time — Computers and Writing 2009

Barbara Ganley, Centers for Community Digital Exploration Barbara Ganley is Founder and Director of the new national organization, Centers for Community Digital Learning, Barbara Ganley has spent her career exploring integrated learning across formal and informal contexts. For nineteen years as a lecturer in the Writing Program and English Department at Middlebury College, and director of Middlebury’s Project for Integrated Expression, Barbara taught innovative courses in creative writing, composition, arts…

The Impact of Ubiquitous (or not so ubiquitous) Computing on Faculty and Students — Computers and Writing 2009

These are my notes, lightly edited, from a panel at Computers & Writing 2009. I only found a single plug in the meeting room, in the very back row. This is a small conference, so I probably appear fairly antisocial typing way in the back here.  (I’ll move up when the panel actually starts in a few minutes, after my laptop has sucked in a bit of juice.)  I had…