University Service

My recent committee work has included chairing the English Program Review (2007-08), two years on the Academic Standards committee, a year on the Faculty Senate Executive Council, and three years on the Academic Technology committee.

At a faculty senate meeting in 2008, I made a joke about parking. After the meeting was over, a colleague asked me to serve on a faculty committee she was forming, which led to my being named to a university parking committee. (Moral: don't make jokes at faculty senate meetings.)

I have presented to the university faculty/staff community on using Google as a teaching and research tool; on weblogs in the classroom, and on the educational applications of games (both computer and traditional).  In the fall of 2009 I'm slated to give a talk on Google Apps. 

Other service includes membership in the Basic Comp and STW instructors' committees.

In addition, I manage the SHU weblog site,, which has hosted some 400 accounts -- mostly students in my own classes, but also accounts for colleagues and University offices such as Admissions, Reeves Library, and the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education.

My service in the Humanities Division has included doing the paperwork for the New Media Journalism major, proposing the new course Writing about Literature as part of SHU's writing-intensive course initiative, and proposing changes to the English major assessment in light of the university's recent decision to drop a university-wide portfolio requirement.



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