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Dennis G. Jerz

Associate Professor English — New Media Journalism

Picture of Dennis Jerz, wearing a mining helmet, posing next to a rock labeled "Y2."

Photo of the “Y2” rock, by Lynn Brucker, courtesy of the Cave Research Foundation


Seton Hill University Greensburg Pennsylvania

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In 2003, I was hired to lead a brand new program in new media journalism. I’m told that it appears in the catalog as “Journalism New Media” because nobody would be able to find it if it were alphabetized under “N”.

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"My name is Rainbow Hector"Utterly pointless “Rainbow Hector Weblog

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  1. Hi Dennis, I just stumbled ontp your site and I’m really enjoying the informative posts. One that I’m missing though and keeps going to a 404 error page is, ‘Short Stories: Developing Ideas for Short Fiction’. Just wanted to let you know.

  2. Dear Professor Jerz,

    I am shopping around for a writer with your type of technical background to create some
    additional lessons for an existing Professional Technical Writing Online Course with an emphasis in
    writing new media documents.

    What makes this opportunity interesting is that the curriculum plan is
    already laid out and in use. The modular approach of each lesson allows
    for easy insertion of new subjects specific to areas that are in demand.

    I do not know anything about you except what I have reviewed on your
    website. To take the next step we could chat and get into what I’m after.

    Please suggest interest and we will make some arrangements to chat.

    Keep up the good work!


    Dr. John Reid
    JER Online (JER Group, Inc.)
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    706-216-3406 (EST)
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    866-537-5376 (Toll Free)

    Professional, Workforce, Career and Executive Education

    “For a lack of vision and action programs perish”

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