Updated Media Bias Chart — Left/Center/Right, Facts/Analysis/Partisan/Propaganda (Ad Fontes)

Update — Media Bias Chart 10.0

All human endeavors are biased. Vanessa Otero’s chart, which places various news organizations on a 2D chart with a left/centrist/right X axis, and a quality/garbage vertical axis, is a good opportunity to remind ourselves that seeking out and relying on quality reporting from “the other side” is an important part of understanding the complexity of issues the world is facing. If you really can’t find any credible news source that presents a position that differs from yours, then the problem is probably not “the media.”

One of the weaknesses of the chart, as Otero herself has noted, is that some publications she placed in the center do occasionally feature very extreme guest editorials, which means the average position of all items from a given publication does not help users assess the spin or credibility of any particular item published by the organization. (To that end, Otero is crowd-funding an interactive version of this chart.)



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