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d-dayYork Corpus Christi Play

With the combined support of the Church and the merchants who  “sponsored” individual plays, the annual performance was a well-established tradition in the English city of York by the end of the 14th century and continued through the late 16th century.

(RUR) Rossum’s Universal Robots

This play introduced the world to the word “robot.” It was written by Karel Capek in 1920, premiered in Prague early in 1921, performed in New York in 1922, and published in English translation in 1923.

400px-P_culture.svgMore than Musicals: Musical Theater Educational Packets

Do you enjoy watching musicals?  Would you like to make the experience even more meaningful for your students/children?  These pages exist to provide educators and parents with additional lesson ideas and activities linked to popular musicals.  We’re starting with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As Catholic home-schooling parents, we’ve looked for a religious connection whenever possible.

Crisis vs. Conflict

According to Ferdinand Brunetière, drama involves”the spectacle of the will striving toward a goal, and conscious of the means which it employs.”  How does “conflict” differ from “action” or “crisis”? Writers of fiction and drama will find this brief page useful.

Stage Right! Greensburg YouTube Channel

I volunteer with a local theater company, making promotional videos and posting clips for archival and outreach purposes.

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 1.10.19 AM

Here are some of my favorite videos.

Annie Cabinet Scene “Tomorrow”

Snow White, The Musical (Elly Noble, Stage Right)

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