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  1. I won’t be the one evaluating your exams, and I don’t teach in a setting where competitive exams are used, so I can only give you general advice. Take practice exams so you’ll know what to expect. Recognize that summary and description are easier to write than analysis, evaluation, or the defense of original ideas; so if you fill the page by restating the question and listing several possible answers, but you don’t actually make a decision until the final paragraph, your response will seem weak. If you think for a few minutes and take a stand before you start writing, and then you write the whole paper as a defense of the stand you take, you’ll seem much more informed. Here is a different handout I wrote on writing timed essays: http://jerz.setonhill.edu/writing/academic1/timed-essays-top-5-tips-for-writing-academic-essays-under-pressure/ Good luck!

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