Flood Destroyes PAPA [Professional Amateur Pinball Association] Headquarters

The floodwaters carried silt, debris, sewage, and diesel fuel. Every pinball machine was submerged at least up to the backglass, and every surface within five feet of the ground, including playfields and inside cabinets, has been coated in the floodwater sludge. The sludge is a sanitary hazard and will have already destroyed sensitive materials… Two hundred and thirty-two pinball machines have been destroyed, as well as a handful of classic video games, the extremely rare Tattoo Assassins prototype, a sitdown Omega Race, some great dancing games, et cetera. —Flood Destroyes PAPA [Professional Amateur Pinball Association] Headquarters (PAPA)

My former student Matt Hoy called this to my attention. It was just days after the end of the PAPA 7 World Pinball Championships.

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