Flesh and Blood

Meaning Usually refers to one’s family. Sometimes used (as in Shakespeare’s original) to denote all living creatures. Origin From Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Clown: I have been, madam, a wicked creature, as you and all flesh and blood are; and, indeed, I do marry that I may repent. —Flesh and Blood (The Prhase Finder) Er, no, that’s not from Hamlet. It’s from All’s Well That Ends Well (I.iii). I love quirky online databases,…

Macramé Disaster

I panicked and tried to pat out the fire with my hands but the brittle, dry macramé cord was fully ablaze within a few seconds. All I could do was stand there and scream for help. The owl was now a fireball which was scorching my wall and dropping cinders onto the carpet. —Macramé Disaster (Catenema) Also worth reading — Cub Scout Confidential. Found via an amusing MetaFilter thread on macramé.

Media students 'most employable'

Media studies students – sometimes stereotyped as studying “Mickey Mouse” degrees – are among the most employable of any graduates, says a major survey. —Media students ‘most employable’ (BBC) An interesting detail to keep in mind as I put together my plan for a “Disney Worldview” course for next January. Via Color in a Lurid World.


The worst word in the language

For crying out loud, I‘m middle class. I went to a school most people would call posh. But if I came home and said to my wife that I wanted a beverage, or asked her to pass the condiments, she?d punch me. When I travel, I don’t need to be treated like Hyacinth Bucket. I want you to understand I speak like you do and that I‘ll understand perfectly if…

What are the lessons from Dan Gillmor's Bayosphere?

If there is any general lesson about Bayosphere, it’s that citizen journalism at the community level needs less high-flown rhetoric and more street-smart testing. The model for what works in content remains to be finished. Citizen journalism is not a failure. But there needs to be a more engaged relationship between the proprietors and impresarios of community sites and their contributors, some of whom are news-gathering novices. —Tom Grbisich —What…


Galleries — Bridge Drawings

—Galleries — Bridge Drawings (Ex Astris Scientia) A very cool collection of cut-away schmatics of the various designs of the bridges for Star Trek. Starts with the bridge as it appeared in the Star Trek pilot episodes, the original series, the movies, and various refits of the same set for the various Federation starships encountered throughout the later series. Very geeky. Very good.