To Do

To Do (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

5: The number of proposals I’ve sent off in the last 24 hours. (Well, one I had drafted weeks ago, and another consisted of me answering the phone and saying “Yes,” but still…. )

Feels like a pretty good day.

To do:

  • Share with colleagues draft of revised senior portfolio for English majors (lit, creative writing, journalism) (10 May)

  • Submit draft to administration (10 May)

  • My own annual report (whew!)

  • Additional work on major interactive-fiction article I’ve had to set aside due to teaching demands

  • Prepare award certificates for Setonian staff members (05 May. Still have to sign them, though. 06 May.)

  • Weird Romance (05 May.)

  • Submit grades for graduating seniors (07 May)

  • Submit grades for everyone else (15 May)

  • Say good-bye to the graduating seniors who were freshmen when I arrived at Seton Hill (12 May)

That last item won’t take the most time, but it will be the hardest.