Water Horse Scream

I’m putting the final touches on materials for my Video Game Culture and Theory course, which starts tomorrow. But earlier today I took a break so that the family could say goodbye to my Christmas break by catching a movie.

We saw The Water Horse, which is a great family film (in that the kids will enjoy the action, but the characters are deep enough that adults will be emotionally engaged).  I was a little distracted going into the film, since I knew a lot of work was waiting for me tonight. But the tipping point for me came when both my kids, seated on either side of me, perked up when they noticed something familiar.  Right when Crusoe comes up underneath the military boat, my kids poked me and said “That was the Wilhelm scream!”

One thought on “Water Horse Scream

  1. I think I can confidently say that your children would be among the first (if not the only) at their ages to know what that is and to recognize it upon hearing it (while watching a movie for the first time, no less; impressive! And adorable). :)

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