Happy Anniversary, Leigh

I’ve kept a running tally… I’ve been bored for a total of 4 and 1/2 hours during our 15 years of marriage.

You’re the organizer and the schedule-keeper and the worrier, which frees me to camp with the kids in the backyard, marshal a pony army against the dollhouse fortress, and read to them until late at night.

Home-schooling is so rewarding, so challenging and exciting.  I’m grateful that you suggested that we try it.

You’ve put your dissertation and your plots for your fantasy/romance novels on hold for the good of the family, so I’m happy we can arrange things so that you can sleep in late (past noon on the weekends) if you want to.

You’ve left a grand total of one comment on a weblog — not my blog, mind you, but someone else’s.  I know you’re not likely to read this, but I’ll say it here anyway.

I love you.

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