Upgraded to WordPress 3.2.1 — Big Headaches

The virtual server Seton Hill has set up for me needed some attention before it was ready for the upgrade to WordPress 3.2.1. Luke from our IT department did all sorts of techno-magic, hampered briefly when a big data transfer yesterday was interrupted by a power outage.

So my site’s been down for about a day, part of that time in read-only maintenance mode.

The back end seems to be working mostly OK, but there appears to be a problem with the .haccess file. WordPress generates HTML on the fly, in response to queries; the .htaccess file is vital to connecting the URLs that users see, with the data that WordPress sees. Since that .htaccess file isn’t working, it doesn’t look like any page on my site is working, except for the home page.

Once I get FTP access back again (I’ve updated the help desk ticket to ask about that), I can start working with the .htacess file to see what the problem is.

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that the visual editor displays only white text, and the visual editor buttons are missing.

This seems to be a current problem, as here’s a recent thread where people are discussing the problem.

Upgraded to WordPress 3.2 Visual Editor Buttons Missing

For the record, my site is running 3.2.1 and I have similar problems.

Update, 16 July: Bailed out for now, and asked IT to restore the old version of my site from a backup. I might wait until WP 3.2.2.

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