24 Hours at the Jerz Homeschool (More or Less)

A Twitter friend made a critical comment about homeschooling that I thought warranted a reply. I won’t repeat his comment here — after a brief reflection, he modified his statement, and suggested that people who are doing homeschooling right have a too-low profile. While I don’t pretend my kids are perfect, or that they don’t have gaps in their knowledge, all in all, I think we’re doing this right. So…

Schofield teacher won’t face criminal charges

I blogged about this controversy the other day, so it’s only fair that I follow up. A Schofield Middle School teacher embroiled in a controversy after reportedly reading to his students from a science fiction book that one parent described as “pornographic” will not face criminal charges, police said. —Schofield teacher won’t face criminal charges | Aiken Standard.