Reviews of Sorkin’s The Newsroom look interesting.

I’m not kidding when I say I haven’t even thought about planning to watch a TV show since Babylon 5 concluded in 1998.

I don’t say this to be an anti-TV snob — we watch broadcast TV and plenty of DVDs, and I got kind of hooked on websites devoted to Lost (even though I never saw an episode).

Is it possible to buy individual episodes of HBO shows? Does the HBO iPad app let you actually watch shows? Obviously I need to do some research.

2 thoughts on “Reviews of Sorkin’s The Newsroom look interesting.

  1. Quick heads up, I was able to watch the show for free through; a coworker of mine here at Dish gave me the heads up, as he knows I’m a huge fan of all things Sorkin. I really liked it though; I know some of the critics have dumped on it, but from the pilot, at least, I thought it was great. That first episode was right up there with the first episode of The West Wing.

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