Fathers disappear from households across America

A touching bit of balanced storytelling, without editorializing, via selection of quotes and telling descriptive details.

“I know dads that say they ain’t their kids. I see dads being disrespectful of the mothers. And I see ones who take other men’s kids to football games because they know their fathers aren’t around,” said Mr. McManus, an ex-felon who said he is “trying to make a lot of changes right now.”

Asked his daughter’s age, he consults with her sister.

“Five. She’s in pre-K,” the girl answered.

“She’s 5,” he echoed. “Mmm, that was good,” he said gently of the ice cream sandwich. “Can I have another bite, please?”

via Washington Times.

The fact that McManus doesn’t immediately know his daughter’s age could be a slam, but it’s packaged with a description of his loving interaction with the girl. A very touching scene, that provides far more emotional impact than a paragraph of telling.

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