Even in the U.S., Chinese Students May Have Tiananmen ‘Amnesia’

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 4.33.31 PMBut now that he was at college in America, someone had mentioned Tiananmen, a friend. And he went online, to YouTube and Google, and pulled up videos and photographs from 25 years earlier, images not easily accessible behind China’s Great Firewall, as its Internet-censoring regime is called. He kept looking at one, he said, “the one.” A photograph of an unknown man, futilely trying to block a column of tanks. The student stored it on his computer.

“I told my mother and father,” he said, “and they told me not to talk about it. They told me I should delete the picture from my computer.

“But I just told my feelings, that I didn’t like that so many people died.” He paused. “We are limited in China. This is a problem.”

via The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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