A shooting, the president snatched away – this episode of ‘The Trump Show’ was surreal even for veteran White House reporters

Good news writing, and praise for Trump’s cool demeanor during a crisis, from : The Independent

The large man in the grey suit interrupted Donald Trump. No one interrupts Donald Trump – especially at the White House. At his White House.

Then the man turned his back to the television cameras showing the utterly surreal scene live around the world. Two things told the tale: His oversized suit jacket – large enough to drape over his government-issue firearm. And the earpiece snaking out of his crisp white dress shirt.

That’s the look of a US Secret Service agent. The look on the president’s face as the man spoke also told the tale. Calm but serious.

“Oh, okay,” Trump said as the man said something and motioned towards the blue door that separates the James Brady Briefing Room from the White House press office.

The 45th president loves a good argument. But he did not try to change the large man’s mind.


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