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Karen Yeomans said:

Thank you for this website! Great students are writing short stories and I know they will enjoy exploring your site and learning new and interesting techniques!!

Thank you so much for sharing with us all!

-Karen Yeomans

I'm glad you found it helpful, Karen.

Hello, I found the information here very helpful and very interesting. I've read your comment about the link, and I'm dutifully informing that I will be placing a link on my own website. I'm a student that has a great passion for writing and I'm trying to create a place where writers may practice their art without the pressure and anxiety of trying to draft a full novel or even a short story. However as I mentioned I am myself a student and though I want to grow as a writer and help other through my website, I feel strongly unqualified, which is why I shall be using the resources you have included here for our benefit.

I hope there will be no inconveniences,

Deanna Dyck said:

We can't play Colossal Cave online anymore! Something has happened to your link. My daughter loves this game, and the history about it. Can you put it back on?

Thanks for all of the great info! I loved showing it to my kids. :)

Vickie Rabourn said:

I realize your intentions are good and that you obviously spent a lot of time constructing your BibBuilder; however, it is woefully out of date. Since publishers such as Enslow suggest that students use your builder, I suggest that you either update it so that it reflects MLA, 7th edition, rather than the MLA, 4th edition you used it construct it. Either that, or simply remove your builder and link the URL to KnightCite, the builder created by Calvin College. It's the best I've found. Thank you for your consideration. Vickie Rabourn, School Librarian

You're right, that resource could use a refresh.

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