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400px-P_culture.svgDo you enjoy watching musicals?  Would you like to make the experience even more meaningful for your students/children? These pages exist to provide educators and parents with ideas for additional lessons and activities linked to popular musicals.  For each musical below, you’ll find a packet in this basic format:  First, a general summary of plot/theme, and then activities related to English (literature or writing), math, social studies (history, geography, politics, or economics), science/health, art/architecture, music, and food/recipes, plus a Catholic Connection whenever possible.

Feel free to do as many or as few activities as your class/family wish. We recommend trying a “Five-in-a-Row” approach–  plan to complete one activity a day, each from a different subject area, for five days prior to attending or watching the musical. Or, if you prefer, view the musical first, and follow up with five activities to build upon the experience. Some activities take longer than a day to complete; that’s fine—take your time and enjoy!Many of these lesson packets were published to correspond with live performances by Stage Right of Greensburg, but can also be used to help kids get the most out of watching their favorite musicals on DVD.Musical theater education packets, written by Leigh Jerz:

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Lesson Plans: Activities Related to the Stage Musical and Movie

Man of La Mancha Lesson Plans: Activities Related to the Stage Musical and Movie

Narnia: Lesson Plans and Activities for the Stage Musical Adaptation of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

It’s a Wonderful Life: Activities Related to the 1946 Film and 1991 Stage Musical

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / Willy Wonka Lesson Plans: Activities Related to the Book, Films, and Stage Musical

Wherever You Live, Support Local Theatre

If you’ve ever seen a musical at a regional or community theatre, the first activity you & your students/children should consider is sending a “thank you” letter to the talented people who made the show possible.  Perhaps describe or draw your favorite song, scene, or character, and send it on!
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