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As an experiment, I am creating this page to give visitors a place to share their creative works.

If you have questions or comments about the process of creative writing, feel free to participate in the other forums on my website.

If you would like others to read and comment on your works, try this forum.

Please keep your submissions brief and free from linkspam.

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22 thoughts on “Creative Writing Forum

  1. I have about six to seven stories running right now with more brewing in my head. My concern is finishing them successfully and on time without much writer’s block. Again,make a name and money with my books matter a lot to me,t boost living. So,I’m in search of Submission websites or self publishing websites to achieve these. Any help here would be appreciated.

  2. Its been ages like a stranger i have been existing
    Under harsh glares of indifference and insecurity.
    The quiescent arcade beckons me
    To revel in the pleasure of my fantasy

    • The first line is okay, but it needs to sound a bit more direct. Are you implying the stranger is old or growing old, or are you the stranger that’s getting older, existing within this parabola (a mathematical term to explain a fixed focus on a graph where two ends are equal) life?

      Other than that, you’re doing a nice job getting your feet wet.

  3. For me, I try to follow my teacher’s advice. You can get inspiration from anywhere. A picture, video, film, another story. It doesn’t matter. What matters is how well you write. evaluate:)

    • So, “Blanca,” it appears you really liked what “Mary” had to say. (And by the way, I deleted the stray URL that somehow got into your message. You’re welcome!)

  4. “For me, I try to follow my teacher’s advice. You can get inspiration from anywhere. A picture, video, film, another story. It doesn’t matter. What matters is how well you write.

  5. Erika woke up. she looked around silently expecting Angelica to be sleeping on the floor. She wasn’t there, not a trace. She turned over to be greeted with the sight of poppy, her new roommate smiling as she sat at the foot of her bed.
    “Good morning, How did you sleep?” She grinned.
    “Good morning?” She yawned sitting up as she glanced warily at the girl.
    “Soooo… what did you do yesterday after I left?” Angelica was straight to the point.
    ” I read on the veranda, then I went to bed.” She answered slyly.
    “Did you leave the window open? I came in here and there was a pile of bird feathers.” She tilted her head.
    “Yeah, it was roasting when I came back in. Sorry.” She bowed her head down.
    “Ah no, no it’s totally fine, just make sure to close it before you fall asleep.”
    “Got it.”
    Poppy gave the girl a cheeky smile as she hopped off the bed with a wave of her hand. She left the room but her departing seemed cold and even a little hostile toward her. Erika shook her head with a sigh.
    She looked around the room, it.s stillness unsettling. Back at her old home, the orphanage: It was always bustling with life like a market. Now she felt lonely. Her heart sank into her chest as the sudden thoughts filled her mind. She groaned slamming as she slammed her body against her blue sheets.

    “Fuck me, fuck it, fuck you, fuck the world.” She groaned in annoyance.

    She decided it would be best to get ready in case she lay in bed all day.
    She sat up rubbing the sleep from her hers in an attempt to wake herself up.
    It didn’t take her very long to get changed as she was sure Poppy would barge in. She didn’t need any more stress or embarrassment.

    She stood up from the pile of clothes with a frown. She could still see one of the feathers sticking out from where the window was closed. It was almost as if it was placed there purposely as a warning of some kind. Her train of thought was cut off by a thud.

    Turning around she could see that Poppy was lying on the ground with a pained expression. She walked over carefully as poppy coughed awkwardly.

    “What are you doing…did you fall back onto the door?” She asked.
    “Correct my гало.” She smiled.
    “What?”She looked down now curious.
    “Halo.” Poppy laughed as she reached up for help.
    “Halo? Halo what…. Wait oh, ok then.” She shook her head as she helped the girl back onto her feet.
    “Anyway, I came to tell you breakfast is ready. I hope you like chocolate pancakes, ice cream, waffles and a cup of plain tea.” She grasped hold of Erika’s wrist before she could let go.

    “I’m not hungry sorry.” Erika yanked her wrist from the hold.
    “No, come on I’m not letting you go hungry.” She groaned.
    It’s fine,” she gritted her teeth “I’m not hungry.”
    “Come on don’t be a downer, you didn’t even eat dinner last night come.” Poppy reached out once more.
    “I’m NOT hungry so leave me alone!” She yelled pushing the girl away.

    They were left in an uncomfortable silence. She hadn’t managed to hurt her but shoving her came as a surprise.
    “If you change your mind…” Poppy walked away.

    Erika felt panic well up inside her. She felt sick; Her stomach churned nervously. Erika hadn’t meant to lash out. She regretted her actions but she knew eating would to tough. Truth be told she was sure she had some type of eating disorder. On an everyday basis, she starved herself. Angelica would force feed her knowing that she wouldn’t eat otherwise.

  6. Independence.

    oh! great freedom and relief
    when the land is free from her oppressors.
    freedom makes the land feels happy
    the land smiles for joy upon her freedom.
    Because of this thing called “Independence “.

    When the land remembers
    the time her legitimate rights were abuse.
    Titles of her kings were brought down to chiefs.
    Her kingdoms became chiefdoms
    The barbarous trade taking place
    Her natural resources taken at give away prices.
    The land sings for joy.

    When the land look into the future
    How freedom is sweet and blissful
    The land became a lion in searching for it.
    And at dawn,
    The land finally gain her autonomy.

  7. Its been ages like a stranger i have been existing
    Under harsh glares of indifference and insecurity.
    The quiescent archade beckons me
    To revel in the pleasuance of my fantasy

  8. This is my poem “Rabbits and oceans”. Please provide critical feed back.

    I think, how words change,
    meanings and forms.
    Once I asked her, how
    the moon got this big burn in its face,
    she corrected me,
    not a burn, it’s a rabbit, silly.
    Now I sit,
    listening to the ocean roar,
    I think, trying to impress?
    The lady with the big burn in the face,
    once told me,
    not of how she got the burn,
    but how she could fly.
    I remember flying over the city,
    over the lush forest, where
    elephants roamed, and
    rabbits died from the adrenalin rush
    that comes at the precise moment when
    You know, beyond all doubt that
    this is it… this is the end.

  9. I need some help editing a creative writing piece for my final exams, specifically regarding further developing my characters, tightening the story itself and potentially altering the conclusion. Please let me know if you’re interested, thank you :)

  10. how do u write a life story of 19 years in short story..i am thinkin to write it as separate stories n den make it in a big writing the main events occured..
    n i also want 2 know how can i write anything in a way of a 3 or few is actually i want to write abt a real girl n isome wht did..
    cn i have email or smething 2 snd i hv written dt in an image as a short 1..

    • For sure I hope the spelling is fixed as you grew up over these last few months and/or years.

      You can write several short stories and then combine them together into a large one. If you use main events, include a short poem to transition into the next big events. Sometimes the reader would enjoy a minute break from strong storytelling or overwhelming life changes.

      I hope this helps some!

    Sea of Peace, blowing
    Sea of Bliss blending, blending with
    The offshoot of Faith – Result.
    Clouds can calamitous control,
    But Sea of Peace blowing, soughing slowly,
    Blending with the Sea of Bliss
    Overwhelm the Challenge – what challenge? No Challenge
    In the ambience of
    The Sea of Peace blowing
    Like the gentle current of gases
    In the realm of the bubbles of Positive Life
    Racing like a charged comet
    In the confines of boundless Space,
    Where everything can be possible,
    Where everything is possible,
    Where the blending Bliss of Seas
    Blowing, blowing will the Sea of Peace;
    The Control is what rotates
    The mechanism of the lock,
    Blowing, blowing, Sea of Peace blowing
    Triumph overwhelms the Challenge
    In the land that the Living are living-
    Sea of Peace, blowing, Sea of Peace.

    © Famodun O.O July 2004

  12. I am writing a novel.I have written the first two chapter.Could you please reply me on my mail,i want to send u my chapters for you to review and give me some feedback.I really need a feedback from an expert like you.Thank you

    • I do occasionally take on editing side jobs, but you might instead want to join (or create) an editing circle, where members can exchange and comment on each other’s works-in-progress.

  13. “i can’t take this anymore!” i screamed .i closed the word document-no,thank you,word ,i did not want to save it.two minutes later,the document actually closed.i clicked on ‘start’ so i could click on ‘shut down’. five minutes later,my computer ………..

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