3 thoughts on “Short Stories: 10 Tips for Writers

  1. i am writing a short story on my life events and how i continued to stay strong even after i was told i had tested positive for human imunedifecsioncy viris that led to death , leading to an aids diagnosis which means your immune system has been compromised and your i mune system can no longer fight off ilness due to a low t cells we cant defend our body and mind from otherwise harmlessbacteria to a imune system that is not compromised for most of us in the earley days would not survive beyond 2 yrs my journy begain in t
    1992 in my home town of innianapolis in. i had no idea what i was entering into a war zone it didnt take long to find out this was an ilness unlike any that i had experianced oh god what did i do so wrong to b treated in the way that takes every thing away even

    self respect the next couple of years i was a nitemere i would never b the same i went thru every eimotionu could imagine i i was a modern day lepper

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