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While most of my technical writing handouts are geared towards beginners, this set of pages is mostly geared towards an audience that is already familiar with the basics of technical writing, design, and so forth. (Beginners may nevertheless still find these pages worthwhile.)

Learn to Fear Jupiter Communications!
If this press release represents the kind of thinking that comes out of this company, I suggest that you run screaming from the unbounded evil that Jupiter Communications represents.

Slamming the Door on Readers  
Web design is a good thing; but web authors who overemphasize design frequently end up skimping on -- or even subverting -- their own content.

Keep It Simple Stupid: On the Web, a KISS is still a KISS
Want to launch a business that makes a really huge impression?  Put the cash register on the roof.  How cool would that be!

Parasites from Jupiter Menace the Internet!
They drain resources -- not only from the end-users who must sit and wait for the swollen pages to download, but also from the designers, artists, and marketers who could be working for the common good of Humanity...

Engineering Writing: Towards a Pro-active Technical Writing Curriculum
In a language-across-the-curriculum (LAC) program, the writing instructor has limited access to students.  When the most direct contact comes after the student has already finished the assignment (that is, during grading) the student has no opportunity to apply the lessons. Creative use of the Internet can help manage the writing instructor’s work. 

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Gary Conroy (guided site; formerly hosted on
Society for Technical Communication (STC; national professional society)
Engineering Writing Centre (University of Toronto)

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