The Origin of Stories: Horton Hears a Who

“Dr. Seuss makes Horton the sort of agent… who dominates stories from Beowulf to Braveheart, powerful, generous, and resourceful; and he makes Horton’s goals unmistakable, admirable, and urgent: the struggle not to be cast out of his community, the survival of a whole people.” Brian Boyd —The Origin of Stories: Horton Hears a Who (Philosophy and Literature)

Why Rockstar Games Rule

“I had seen a 9-year-old boy blowing away guards with a shotgun in a preview version of State of Emergency, an ultraviolent Rockstar game that encourages players to smash shop windows and assassinate executives in an urban street riot.  ‘That’s not cool,’ he said flatly. ‘We’re not about cute games for kids.’” Logan Hill —Why Rockstar Games Rule Wired)


ZipUSA: Aimes, IA

The complex sociology of a college dorm: “‘We play video games at least half the day,’ says freshman Tyler Manker. He’s exaggerating. A little. He estimates that he spends five hours a day playing video or computer games, two hours watching TV or videos, and an hour on the Internet. Oh, yeah—he also spends three hours in class and an hour or two doing homework.” Hillel J. Hoffmann —ZipUSA: Aimes,…

Dr. Toast's Amazing World of Toast

“I strongly believe that Toast is the very thread which holds together the uneasy seams of modern society. Therefore, it seems only appropriate that I pay some sort of homage to this humble Slice of Heaven.” —Dr. Toast’s Amazing World of Toast See also: weather-forecasting toaster; toaster art; “Flying Toasters” (a short story); “When Flying Toasters Were Art” (article about classic screen savers)