ZipUSA: Aimes, IA

The complex sociology of a college dorm: “‘We play video games at least half the day,’ says freshman Tyler Manker. He’s exaggerating. A little. He estimates that he spends five hours a day playing video or computer games, two hours watching TV or videos, and an hour on the Internet. Oh, yeah—he also spends three hours in class and an hour or two doing homework.” Hillel J. HoffmannZipUSA: Aimes, IA (National Geographic)

One thought on “ZipUSA: Aimes, IA

  1. Free time has long been the bane of undisciplined freshmen.
    In the 50’s & 60’s it was booze and drugs that often filled the ‘free time. I suppose today it is games & copius copulation. Some correlation study should be done that shows the relation of improvments in (or possession of) self-discipline to sucess in obtaining college degrees.

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