Starship Private Enterprise: Rocket Plane Becomes First Civilian Craft to Reach Space

Flying a foam composite rocket ship powered by laughing gas and burning rubber, Mike Melvill took off faster than a bullet over a ramshackle airport in the desert Monday and overcame serious malfunctions to become the first astronaut to reach space in a mission entirely funded by private entrepreneurs. –William Booth –Starship Private Enterprise: Rocket Plane Becomes First Civilian Craft to Reach Space  (WashPost (registration, will expire)) I don’t like…


Unfairenheit 9/11: The lies of Michael Moore

To describe this film as dishonest and demagogic would almost be to promote those terms to the level of respectability. To describe this film as a piece of crap would be to run the risk of a discourse that would never again rise above the excremental. To describe it as an exercise in facile crowd-pleasing would be too obvious. Fahrenheit 9/11 is a sinister exercise in moral frivolity, crudely disguised…

Outer space: not so lifeless after all

Materials that could jump-start organic evolution have shown up in interstellar dust clouds and dusty planet-forming discs around many stars. These findings fuel an increasingly strong suspicion that the raw material of planet Earth was primed for life. –Robert C. Cowen –Outer space: not so lifeless after all (CS Monitor)

Bhutan gives TV cautious embrace

“There’s a silence in the family,” says a newsreader, “because they’re glued to the box”. An arts producer tells me that sleeping habits have changed: “Now people stay up late to watch their favourite programmes”. Another explains how the main family room pre-TV would have seats facing inwards to ease conversation with family and friends or to face the altar, but now television households re-arrange their rooms to the fount…


Scholars Discover Weblogs Pass Test as Mode of Communication

Blogging is dead, long live blogging. I suspect that over the next few years we will see a lot of calls suggesting that blogging has died, and I suspect that in a sense they will be right. The act of keeping a “Weblog” as a separate entity will become something of an anachronism. The broader world of collaborative Web publishing will continue to grow and converge with other technologies, including…


Today Juneteenth commemorates African American freedom and emphasizes education and achievement. It is a day, a week, and in some areas a month marked with celebrations, guest speakers, picnics and family gatherings. It is a time for reflection and rejoicing. It is a time for assessment, self-improvement and for planning the future. –Juneteenth Happy Juneteenth.


Weblogs, Comments, and Law

Weblogs, Comments, and Law (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog) IANAL (“I am not a lawyer”), but here are some links I found interesting. While a newspaper has a responsibility to check the accuracy of letters to the editor, if person A were to start a cafe, and person B walked into the cafe and made statements that the court deemed libelous, it doesn’t seem likely that person A should be held responsible. If…