Pay attention to the world

By presenting us with a limitless number of nonstopped stories, the narratives that the media relate – the consumption of which has so dramatically cut into the time the educated public once devoted to reading – offer a lesson in amorality and detachment that is antithetical to the one embodied by the enterprise of the novel. In storytelling as practiced by the novelist, there is always – as I have…

Mars Pole Holds Enough Ice to Flood Planet, Radar Study Shows

Mars’s southern polar ice cap contains enough water to cover the entire planet approximately 36 feet (11 meters) deep if melted, according to a new radar study. –Mars Pole Holds Enough Ice to Flood Planet, Radar Study Shows (National Geographic News) Awesome news. I had no idea there was that much water — but apparently the news in the article isn’t the volume of frozen water, but the precise measurement.


The man who wrote FRANKENSTEIN

MYTH: Frankenstein, the most famous work of English Romanticism, was written by an uneducated, teenaged girl, who took part in a ghost-story contest in Geneva, had a nightmare, and was inspired to write a story “which would frighten my reader as I myself had been frightened that night!” REALITY: Frankenstein is a work of profound and radical ideas, written by one of the greatest poets and prose stylists in the…

Uncomfortable Questions: Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?

Why did Lord Vader decide to break all protocols and personally pilot a lightly armored TIE Fighter? Conveniently, this placed Lord Vader outside of the Death Star when it was destroyed, where he was also conveniently able to escape from a large-sized rebel fleet that had just routed the Imperial forces. Why would Lord Vader, one of the highest ranking members of the Imperial Government, suddenly decide to fly away…

Stereo Eclipse

The fantastically-colored star is our own sun as STEREO sees it in four wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet light. The black disk is the Moon. – Stereo Eclipse (NASA) A movie sequence shows the sun slowly turning from left to right, while the disc of the moon approaches from the left and crosses the face of the sun. Incredible.

''slip of the click''

”slip of the click” (Google Search) Just now, a colleague accidentally hit “reply all” instead of “reply,” and immediately sent out an apology: “Got you all by a slip of the click.” I’d never heard that term before, but I like it. A quick search of Google reveals only 5 references on the internet.

Malaysian monks face ant dilemma

A group of Buddhist monks in Malaysia is appealing for help to solve a problem with ants. Buddhism forbids devotees from harming any living creature. So the monks are looking for a creative and non-violent solution to deal with the insects, which are biting worshippers. –Malaysian monks face ant dilemma (BBC) Rosemary, who sent me the link, writes “Nudge, nudge, wink, wink” after calling attention to the the last line in…