Working Part-Time by Choice

Being of the generation that wanted to both bring home the bacon and fry it, I didn’t plan on going back to part-time work, and neither did many of my friends and colleagues who have done so. But we all had an eye open for opportunities and were willing to go out on a professional limb to get a life. —Lee Tobin McClain —Working Part-Time by Choice (Chronicle) Dr. McClain directs…

Coming-Out-Parties For Censors' Ho-hum Targets in Hardcover

Fingers in this cyber-saddled age are more dexterous with computer keyboards and Pavlovian mouse clicks than with the ragged edges of a new hardback’s pages, with the satisfying heft of a book about to be cracked, with the spooning feel of its spine in your palm. Lost, too, are the inky smell of a book’s virgin pages or the smell of time loosened from them, if the volume had the…


How to Tell the Good Teacher From the Bad.

Over three decades of teaching has taught me that it’s impossible to teach students. I can only teach English literature to students. And to do that I need to know a lot more about English literature than I ever plan to teach. —Nils Clausson —How to Tell the Good Teacher From the Bad.  (Irascible Professor) Via Mike Arnzen’s PEDABLOGUE


Battlestar Galactica ‘Launch When Ready’ Bridge Girl Fan Page

—Battlestar Galactica ‘Launch When Ready’ Bridge Girl Fan Page ( Today my five-year-old son was watching one of my wife’s old Battlestar Galactica videotapes, and I remembered that when I was about 11 I had a crush on the cute bridge crewmember who told the Viper pilots stuff like “Transferring core command to probe craft. You may launch when ready.” To my knowledge they never made a subplot about her… Starbuck…

Branded anything but Unique

A trend for naming children after favourite possessions is accelerating in brand-driven America. | The records show that in 2000, 49 children were named Canon, followed by 11 Bentleys, five Jaguars and a Xerox. —John Harlow —Branded anything but Unique ( The title refers to the fact that there were 24 children named Unique in 2000.