Battlestar Galactica ‘Launch When Ready’ Bridge Girl Fan Page (updated with links to archived pages)

253full-sarah-rushBattlestar Galactica ‘Launch When Ready’ Bridge Girl Fan Page (Wayback Machine’s archive of

Today my five-year-old son was watching one of my wife’s old Battlestar Galactica videotapes, and I remembered that when I was about 11 I had a crush on the cute bridge crewmember who told the Viper pilots stuff like “Transferring core command to probe craft. You may launch when ready.” To my knowledge they never made a subplot about her… Starbuck never made a pass at her. She just sat there on the bridge, with her little headset microphone. Did they use the same clip over and over? I wanted to know.

Good Lord, the Internet is scary… somebody has already posted what appears to be every frame from the TV show that she was in: Sarah Rush Photo Gallery (2003 archive).

By the way, this fan website is a good argument for why you should avoid making web pages with frames… when I want to send you directly to a subpage on the site, you can’t navigate back to the home page from there, becuase the author hasn’t provided any navigation on the internal pages. (Well, there’s a NEXT link, but that’s it.) Frames trick beginning designers into thinking that they don’t have to provide navigation on every page. The site also has a splash page… blech. Put your best content on your home page, and add links to the major sections. Somebody who has followed a link to your home page doesn’t need to be told to “Enter” someplace else — they’re already there. Don’t waste your chance to show them what you’ve produced.

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