Class Action Suit Settlment: 30% off Everything at KB Toys?

Defendants will distribute the Net Settlement Fund by providing a discount at the cash registers of all KB Toys, KB Toy Works, KB Toy Outlet, Toy Liquidator and KB Toys Express stores nationwide, including Guam and Puerto Rico, equal to 30% off all qualifying purchases of $30 or more during October 8-14, 2003. This distribution (the “In-store Distribution”) will be done without requiring a request of any store customer and will be separate and apart from, and in addition to, any previously planned promotional events for 2003. —Class Action Suit Settlment: 30% off Everything at KB Toys? (KB Toys)

I’m not affiliated with KB Toys, but found this interesting link on Fark. Apparently the suit comes from the store’s practice of printing in black text what appears to be the ordinary price for an item, and then simulating in red print a handwritten slash through the price, with another, lower price written next to it. The suit says that the black price was inflated, and that the simulated handwriting tricks customers into thinking an item is on sale.