In a Few Hours, My TV Will Care Less About Me

In a few hours, my TV will care less about me. A show might attract relatively few viewers, and be panned by the critics, but if it attracts enough people in the magic age group of 18-34, it can pull in a lot of advertising dollars. In a few hours I will turn 35. Our VCR gets a workout — we have Sesame Street and Teletubbies videos for the baby, and our kindergartner has lately gotten interested in my wife’s old Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica videos. A few years ago, The Onion ran a story about a guy without a TV set who annoys all his friends by talking incessantly about the TV he doesn’t watch. So I’ll shut up now.

6 thoughts on “In a Few Hours, My TV Will Care Less About Me

  1. Here I thought this blog entry had generated heated debate, perhaps from TV demographers or Madison Avenue marketers. The birthday greetings were welcome, however. Thanks, all.

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