Making Slow Progress on MT Resurrection

Making Slow Progress on MT ResurrectionLiteracy Weblog)

Dave my ISP has made a copy of the whole website the way it was this morning, and backed up the last working version of the site (from about five days ago, when comments stopped working). Already I’ve gotten five e-mails from bloggers reporting that they can’t log in or that their entries are disappearing. That can’t be helped at the moment, but you will be able to get those missing entries back — in addition to the complete copy of the whole website, I also exported all the data from each blog in a format that will let us import the missing entries and comments.

Thanks, Dave, for devotinig so much of your holiday to this problem, and thanks to all the SHU bloggers for your patience and understanding. Belive me, I share your frustration. At any rate, comments seem to be working again — so that’s something! I’ll keep everyone updated.

Update: I think it works now! Hooray! Knock on electrons…