New Babylon 5 project?

Babylon 5 creator
J. Michael Straczynski told fans on a message board that he’s working on a follow-up to the popular
SF series, according to a report on the Dark
Web site. Straczynski remained coy about the
project, saying only that he’d have more news next month.

New Babylon 5 project? (Sci-Fi Wire)

I haven’t really followed any TV show since B5 ended its run. JMS has said numerous times that he was going to wait until after the Star Wars series was complete, so that he could build upon all the new technology that would be developed.

I’m personally hoping to see the Telepath War (which was clearly set up in the original TV series, alluded to in the short-lived follow-up Crusade, and firmly established as part of the B5 timeline in various books, some of which at one time in the past I actually had time to read). I’d love to see the return of Walter Koenig as the so-evil-you-love-to-watch-him Bester.