Very Tired on a Friday Afternoon. But it's a good tired.

Very Tired on a Friday Afternoon. But it’s a good tired.

I just heard that my proposal, “Moveable Types of Information Literacy: Emerging Electronic Genres and the Deconstruction of Peer Review,” has been accepted for the Georgia Conference on Information Literacy this coming October.

Seton Hill University featured “information literacy” in a faculty seminar at the beginning of the year, but thought the content of that training was too basic to be of much interest or help to me. While I’ve found my new media activities to be well-supported here, I do expect that I’ll have plenty of explaining to do when it comes to annual review time. Now that weblogs are mainstream enough that I can expect my students to “get” blogging without much trouble, I need to start thinking critically about how to present the value of blogging to a generation of scholars who don’t automatically go “Wow that’s so cool!” when they see a blog. Hence, this conference proposal.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I’m still working on “Forced Blogging: Students’ Emotional Investment in Their Academic Weblogs,” which I’ll be giving at the 4C’s next week… I’m behind in my blogging for the Princeton Video Game conference earlier this month, and I’ve haven’t yet managed to unbotch my handling of the paperwork for a conference I attended last August.

What’s this? Little voices from several stacks of papers are calling to me… “Grade us! Grade us!”

Back to work.