Slow-motion Nightmare

Slow-motion Nightmare (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

I had a busy day yesterday, with adventures that included diving fully-clothed into a large kiddie pool to retrieve my 2-year-old daughter, who had slipped and was floating face down, unable to straighten herself out.

An older girl had taken my daughter’s hands and lured her to the center of the pool, where I doubt she would have gone on her own.

It was a very big, in-ground kiddie pool, maybe 20 feet across… and by the time I scrambled over to her, I had slipped several times and was soaking wet all over.

Carolyn was fine, fortunately — she couldn’t have been face-down for more than four or five seconds, but the horrible impotent feeling one gets when trying to run in a nightmare is remarkably similar to the feeling one gets when trying to run through water.

When I showed up at my wife’s deck chair, dripping wet, Carolyn chirped, “Daddy took me out of the pool.”

Fortuantely I had handed my fanny pack (containing my PDA and a digital camera) to my wife before taking my daughter to the pool, but the contents of my wallet were soaked. Small price to pay.

3 thoughts on “Slow-motion Nightmare

  1. Dr. Jerz to the rescue, again! (Where’s that box of “Jerzies” to be autographed when you need it…??)Happy Father’s Day? *giggle*

  2. Well, I don’t ordinarily blog about, for instance, how this morning I picked up the shorts that got pee on them and hung them on the towel rack my wife uses to hold her face cloths. But thanks for the words of praise.

  3. Dennis,
    Bravo on the rescue! I am always amazed at how you can be a model human, professor, and father-figure, as I have seen with Peter. Truly you are an inspiration that would make Superman proud.

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