Please Stop Honking

Dear fellow resident of my Pittsburgh area neighborhood,

I rejoice in the knowledge that you are apparently pleased with the performance of the football team that serves our geographical area. By all means, feel free to celebrate. Have another beer or something.

But please take your black-and-gold-mitten-clad hand off your car horn so I can get some work done before my preschooler wakes up.

6 thoughts on “Please Stop Honking

  1. Here in SWPA, Bobby, it does. LOL! That’s why they showed the game @ 3:00–to ensure that Steelers Nation was out of church (also because it’s 1 PM MST, but that’s besides the point.)

  2. I can relate to how important football season is here at Texas A&M. I am impressed by how much school spirit is shown around here because the two most popular T-shirts I see are “Texas A&M University” shirts or “Texans for Bush”. Football is a serious matter and could possibly rival religion.

  3. Don’t worry Dr. Jerz, you’ve got me on Tuesday and Thursday. Get ready to hear all about it!

    And more specifically, to add on to Evan, Welcome to Southwestern PA, home of the Golden Lions, the Steelers, adn the Griffins! Football season around here is’s when a geek finds that “lost” star trek episode..or when they find an IF game that they joined in their youth.

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