Video Games are Dead: A Chat with Storytronics Guru Chris Crawford

Hollywood knows that it needs new ideas. The games industry doesn’t know. Hollywood goes out of its way to provide itself with a seed stock of new talent and ideas, the games industry doesn’t. Hollywood spends an enormous amount of money supporting colleges and universities, and training programs at those settings. The games industry does not. Hollywood has a system for honoring weird ideas that aren’t necessarily commercial. The games…

Weblog: een doe-het-zelf medium — Chronologische ordening in de informatiechaos?

—Weblog: een doe-het-zelf medium — Chronologische ordening in de informatiechaos? I’m assuming the language of this site is Dutch. At the bottom is a list of over 100 early articles about blogging, most of them popular (rather than academic) and most of them in English. Just blogging it for future reference. Lots to learn here.


You and Your LiveJournal and You

Do you have what it takes to create a LiveJournal? Well, ask yourself this question: Are you able to put words together? Not in complete, grammatical sentences, mind you. Are you able to take a word and another word and place them one after each other? Then you’re set! —Lore Sj√∂berg —You and Your LiveJournal and You (Wired) By the way, if you’re reading this and you think you’ve escaped being…