Teenage Girls Rob Man they Met on MySpace

A Jacksonville man says he was duped and robbed by two girls after attempting to meet with a woman he met on the internet. —Teenage Girls Rob Man they Met on MySpace (WOAI.com)

I’m uncomfortable with the hype that presents the internet as dangerous (as opposed to the predictablity and passivity of TV). Even this “man bites dog” story, which is newsworthy because it reverses the expected formula, still invokes and reinforces the understood worldview.

2 thoughts on “Teenage Girls Rob Man they Met on MySpace

  1. I’ve certainly gotten to appreciate the strengths of Movable Type, but a student of mine, Will Gayther, created this blog as part of an independent study project. He continues to support it long after he’s graduated, and I’m very happy with it.

  2. Wow. At first I thought this would be an article from the Onion. I guess reality is often more outrageous than fiction.

    I definately share your scepticism about the “dangerous internet” hype. If you take away the internet to prevent people from exploiting each other, people will only find other, more creative ways to exploit each other.

    By the way, sorry to hear about the comment spam. Porting your blog to MovableType or WordPress may be the most convenient solution in the long run, but then again…

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