The Case of the Captured Koala

[Image showing a few paragraphs from a story spoofing the “Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective” book series.] >>> —Adam Cadre —The Case of the Captured Koala (adamcadre) Make sure you stick with it until you get to the solution, which is where you’ll find the gimmick that makes this story worth blogging — especially if you know the Encyclopedia Brown series.

Second Life Will Save Copyright

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act may give shopkeepers the power to force Linden Labs to delete copied items, but it will not provide financial compensation to the victims of infringement unless they file a federal lawsuit. Given the cost of these virtual goods, there aren’t going to be many infringements worth the expense of suing. The next phase of Linden’s response is more interesting. The company plans to develop an…


European Cities Do Away with Traffic Signs

A project implemented by the European Union is currently seeing seven cities and regions clear-cutting their forest of traffic signs. Ejby, in Denmark, is participating in the experiment, as are Ipswich in England and the Belgian town of Ostende. The utopia has already become a reality in Makkinga, in the Dutch province of Western Frisia. A sign by the entrance to the small town (population 1,000) reads “Verkeersbordvrij” — “free…