Verizon doesn’t know Dollars from Cents

I have a Verizon unlimited data plan in the U.S. and recently crossed the border to Canada. Prior to crossing the border I called customer service to find out what rates I’d be paying for voice and data. The data rate I was quoted was “.002 cents per kilobyte.”

I was surprised at the rate so I confirmed it with the representative I spoke to, and she confirmed it “point zero zero two cents per kilobyte.” I asked her to note that in my account.

I received my bill and was charged $.002/KB – which is dollars – “point zero zero 2 dollars per kilobyte”. As it is translated to cents would be .2 cents or 2 tenths of a cent – which is a 100 times greater rate than I was quoted. —Verizon doesn’t know Dollars from Cents (VerizonMath)

Oh, this is beautiful. The floor manager calls it a matter of opinion that .002 cents is not the same thing as .002 dollars.

The full audio is playing in the background while I’m writing this… Don’t miss the Verizon Can’t Do Math Money Remix.

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