To Do List

To Do List (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

No recreational blogging for me until I’m done with everything on this list.

  • Write letter of ref for recent grad (deadline was Feb 1; turned in letter Jan 31)

  • Finish new article on a classic work of interactive fiction (deadline was Feb 1; I’ll have it done in a few days) 11 Feb 2007 (A week and a half late, but I hope the editors will feel it was worth it. 85 pages, scores of pictures. This last week I was mostly just writing captions.)

  • Write abstract for special issue article (deadline was Feb 1; already received extension until Feb 8) (17 minutes after midnight on Feb 9 — after spending 20 minutes trying to think up a halfway decent title and failing miserably)

  • Write encyclopedia article (deadline was Feb 1; will have to request long extension or back out of project)

  • Supply feedback to article draft submitted by a blogs researcher seeking advice (been sitting on this since December; will get it done by Feb 5)

  • Supply feedback to undergraduate submitting an abstract to a conference (student’s deadline is Feb 5; aim to send feedback today or tomorrow) Feb 4

  • Supply feedback to undergraduate’s revised independent study paper (been sitting on this for several days; will get to it soon after Feb 8)

  • Finish internal grant proposals for travel to 4Cs (I’ve got my funding, am still seeking funding for 3 undergrads)

  • Eat lunch with faculty colleagues at least once this week Feb 06 (yes, that was a lame one to strike off…)

Oh, yeah, and mark papers and that sort of stuff.

Should I just go cold turkey on my blog until I get through these items? Or should I reward myself by permitting myself to blog for fun each time I cross an item off the list?

Should I stop using this blog entry to procrastinate, and just focus on knocking items off this list?

It’s snowing now; I’m going to head home now before the roads get any worse.

Busy, busy, busy…

Oh, look… an interesting e-mail arrived while I was writing this.

(Later) Okay, I’ve replied. And now I really am going home.

New item for list: Find new ISP host for (Nothing urgent, my host tells me, but he did advise me to start looking.)