Church will face ''uphill battle'' if suing Sony, says legal expert

News emerged over the weekend that Church authorities have complained to Sony about the depiction of Manchester Cathedral in the game. Some reports have stated that the Church may pursue legal action against the company. But according to Alex Chapman of Campbell Hooper solicitors,”The Church will have an uphill battle in a legal claim against Sony, and indeed it is likely that there is no basis for a claim.” —Church…

What the Mainstream Media Can Learn From Jon Stewart

“There are days when I watch ‘The Daily Show,’ and I kind of chuckle. There are days when I laugh out loud. There are days when I stand up and point to the TV and say, ‘You’re damn right!’” says Brown, chair of the communications department at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and an associate professor of broadcast journalism. Brown, who had dismissed the faux news show…


LAPD plans to accept 911 text messages

The Los Angeles Police Department on Tuesday announced plans to pursue improvements to the city’s 911 system, saying callers in the future will be able to use text messages, photos and even video from cellphones to seek emergency assistance. —Richard Winton —LAPD plans to accept 911 text messages (LA Times) Will future dispatchers have to be screened for the ability to understand txt-spk?