wcbstv.com – MySpace Overcome By Severe Phishing 'Epidemic'


The spam scam involves users unknowingly sending their MySpace friends e-mails and posting comments on their profiles that plug a ploy for the supposedly free gift card that they’ll never actually see, touch, or spend.

In fact, to lead the younger members on, the ads are written in “kids-speak.” One such posting starts off by telling the victim, “Hey dude, check it out! You ain’t gunna believe this!”


“It is an epidemic on MySpace,” PC Magazine Executive Editor Jeremy
Kaplan tells wcbstv.com. “It is a big problem particularly because of
the pervasiveness of MySpace. If you’re in junior high, high school,
college — half the world seems to have MySpace pages — so the younger
you are, the more frequently you use it and the more likely you are to
encounter this thing. It is a huge problem.”