KFC Sink Trio Finger Lickin' Fired

That may be the best headline I’ve seen on all the coverage related to the KFC teen girls sink bath MySpace photo story, but note that the <title> of the page is the more informative “KFC Bath Prank: Three Girls Fired From California KFC After Bathing In Restaurant Sinks.” 

The photos themselves are silly, rather than particularly racy (for bikini pictures, anyway), but I’ll let you find them on your own if you want to.  What made this story blogworthy for me is the following:

The 17-year-old girl who posted the pictures online responded with a message to those who tipped off her employer.

She wrote (sic): “Its a sad world when one has to stoop low enough
to go through ones dirty laundry…. one womans trash is anothers

“Thanks alot for having good respect how can you live knowing the little bit of money you made was made hurting someone!”

Somebody has a little bit more growing up to do, it would seem.