Results from Game Design Challenge: Change Mario's Career!

Soon after, Mario entered into the Mushroom Kingdom and proceeded to steal
from their banks and museums with his brother Luigi in Super Mario Thieves.
Throughout the game he is chased by Bowser, chief of police at the M.K.P.D.
(Mushroom Kingdom Police department) and the Goomba’s and Koopa Troppers in


Bowser’s chase of Mario eventually led to the successful spin off, Super
Mario Getaway Kart, in which you had to drive to the bank job/safe house and
make sure you beat the M.K.P.D. police cars there. You could also get numerous
items that would help you get through the tracks. What’s more, the game had a
popular multiplayer mode, where whoever stole from the most banks won.–

Thanks for the suggestion, Geoff.

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