In Memoriam: My Manual Typewriter: Observatory: Design Observer

I bought my Olympia Monica S in Croydon, south London, from an office
supply shop when I was 20. It was a decisive moment. I wanted to write
and a typewriter was the essential tool of the trade, an instrument
every bit as vital as a paintbrush is to a painter or a guitar to a
guitarist. Longhand was never an option. Acquiring a typewriter,
particularly if you had no plans to become a secretary, was a sign of
identity, a declaration of commitment and intent. .. [T]he computer has never been a dedicated writing tool — writing is the
least of it — and everyone uses them. They are somehow both more
marvellous and more ordinary. That’s why there isn’t a shred of romance
in the idea of a writer and his or her personal computer.–Rick Poynor

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