Livetweeting Buck Rogers: Planet of the Slave Girls

  • I thought most of the pilots were ill from poisoned food… But here’s a class of pilots giggling at #BuckRogers for his football terms.
  • “Two grown men fighting. How disgusting,” sniffs Dr. Theopolis. Aren’t these … you know… fighter pilots? #BuckRogers
  • I have no memory of Stella the computer killer. Okay, the scene where Colonel Deering flips #BuckRogers was amusing.
  • #BuckRogers reluctance to join the defense directorate didn’t last 15 minutes into the first episode. So much for that writer’s idea.
  • Jack Palance chewing the scenery… the extras are standing four feet away from each other in order to fill the space. #BuckRogers
  • I love the bling on the Cossack uniform of Jack’s henchman. More cloak and dagger action. #BuckRogers
  • The high tech stealth assassin boomerang would be more effective if it didn’t make that zingy sound. Cool music, though. #BuckRogers
  • Dr. Huer mentions “tele-mettry” (not “te LEM uh try”). #BuckRogers
  • The character development requires Buck and Wilma to chat, but they are using the same fighter model… #BuckRogers
  • Turbaned foreign potentate is channelling Jack Lemmon as the drunken emperor in The Great Race. #BuckRogers
  • Earth leadership is shocked — SHOCKED — to learn the food is produced by slaves. #BuckRogers
  • Slave girl likes the emperor’s son. Fortunately for us, she is chock full of exposition. #BuckRogers
  • Note to self: when wearing black and sneaking around, woka-chicka music makes everything better. #BuckRogers
  • Lots of villains… The most interesting so far has been the rolls of poisoned bubble wrap. #BuckRogers
  • How did Wilma manage to conceal a tracking device in THAT costume? #BuckRogers
  • So the female pilot of color just tucks the poison bubble wrap into her belt? #BuckRogers
  • Buck and Duke bond over the crashed fighter. #BuckRogers
  • Okay, we’ve already established Wilma can do judo flips… So flipping the guard makes a bit of sense. #BuckRogers
  • There is a faint but Doctor Whovian sweep to the narrative. Slave girl has some slightly more complex than necessary motives. #BuckRogers
  • Now #BuckRogers and his foil Duke have a moment to bond over a meal … But Duke rejects Buck’s cooking. Foreshadowing?
  • Dramatic entrances, first of Wilma disguised as a slave girl, then Stella the double crossed, then Jack Palance. #BuckRogers
  • Oh, #BuckRogers. You and Duke are thumping each other’s backs now. I smell a double-cross.
  • Where have I seen that cave before?#BuckRogers
  • Please don’t even pretend to pick up and put on Dr Theopolis, Twiki. Even with your back to us, it does not look convincing. #BuckRogers
  • So far, other than the middle-aged woman in the crowd scene, I count one slave girl so far. #BuckRogers
  • @samm_bayside I’m happy to serve. in reply to samm_bayside
  • The first scene with Jack Palance and #BuckRogers.
  • “Now that Earth knows my plan what do you people intend to do?” #BuckRogers
  • “Your friend expects to surprise us. Just imagine the surprise that’s in store… for him!” (Love the red gloves.) #BuckRogers
  • Wow… Palance made himself purple in the face shouting that cheesy monologue. #BuckRogers
  • Note to self: when sentencing captured enemies to death, do not lock them in room with air vents. #BuckRogers
  • One-second shot of fleet launching was actually pretty good. #BuckRogers
  • The subplot with Twiki and Theopolis in the fighter is just as annoying as Annakin and R2-D2. #BuckRogers
  • Is that a didgeridoo in the background music for the “watch the offscreen stagehands pull the sweaty women up the rope” scene? #BuckRogers
  • 500 years in the future, Earth’s fighter ship displays will be powered by Atari 400s. #BuckRogers
  • My 12yo picked up on the “red dogging the quarterback” bit from the football scene. #BuckRogers
  • Haha, Twiki said “Curse you, Red Baron!” And the enemy general Galen is wearing red, and his helmet has a little spike. Get it? #BuckRogers
  • Buster Crabbe, the actor who played #BuckRogers in the 30s serials, plays a retired flight instructor who comes out of retirement.
  • Only
    in the final scene did I recognize Roddy Macdowell, wearing orangish
    shoe polish and the turban, as the foppish food baron. #BuckRogers
  • The 70s wouldn’t be the 70s without freeze-frame endings.
  • I really don’t remember Duke in any other #BuckRogers episode. I guess the writers found more depth exploring Twiki’s arc. Not.
  • Best part of #BuckRogers The Planet of the Slave Girls? My 8yo says it was the rope escape from the bubbly hot room.

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