Livetweeting Buck Rogers "The Plot to Kill a City" (Part 1)

  1. About to start tweeting #BuckRogers “The Plot to Kill a City” (The kids watched “Vegas in Space” without me.)
  2. Frank Gorshin… And Markie Post are guest stars. #BuckRogers
  3. Haha, #BuckRogers hits on a blonde who turns around and has a huge elephant nose. Then he shoots out a chandelier to kill a baddie.
  4. Thank goodness Dr. Huer is here to provide the exposition we crave. Action and spandex can sustain a plot for only so long. #BuckRogers
  5. The big hallway explosion that knocks Twiki over would be more of a surprise if we hadn’t just seen it in the teaser. #BuckRogers
  6. And the cast of supporting characters is assembled, a la Mission Impossible headshots. #BuckRogers
  7. Long shot of tubby telekinetic ruffian tracking a brunette slink across a bar. I really did not notice such cinematography on #BuckRogers.
  8. #BuckRogers is flirting even with his onboard computer. “You never wanted manual control before,” she purrs.
  9. Goodness, looks like those tractor beams will delay your visit to the matte painting planet, #BuckRogers
  10. Wilma’s blue uniform contrasts nicely with the red block of wood she’s using as a communicator. #BuckRogers
  11. Oh no, #BuckRogers is in a cell with a thespian. “He tried to have psychic commune with me!”
  12. Oh, is the purple slinky woman actually Wilma in disguise? Her pink block of wood gave her away! A happydrug to the rescue… #BuckRogers
  13. Where were #BuckRogers and Barney the thespian going? They were heading down the up escalator.
  14. I do remember the half-masked mutant matter-phasing guy… #BuckRogers
  15. Dr. Huer is quite the hands-on guy — practically groping a landing bay extra, nagging Twiki as he crawls around fixing stuff #BuckRogers
  16. Touching moment between #BuckRogers and the masked phantom drink-mixer.
  17. Oh, puh-leesze, #BuckRogers. “Joella, everybody gets hurt, but (bedroom eyes) everybody… doesn’t hurt everybody.”
  18. Wilma, the huge stealth listening device you are wielding would be more stealthy without the blinking lights. #BuckRogers
  19. I do like the set… Sleek industrial floors, except for the one open tile positioned exactly where Wilma can trip on it. #BuckRogers
  20. Frank Gorshin is not in his top form… Admittedly any “sit around the lair and scheme” scene is dry, but the ensemble is weak. #BuckRogers
  21. “We need more quips,” say the producers. “Crop the scene awkwardly so we can’t see Buck’s lips, and add more voiceover quips!” #BuckRogers
  22. After an obvious showdown, I did not see that cliffhanger coming. Never trust a head-banded thespian! Stopping for the night. #BuckRogers

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